Celebrating 47 Years
Academic Success!

is an independent private school, pre-school through high school emphasizing Academic Excellence and Character Development.

Give your child a jump start on education!

Let us build a better tomorrow for your child today!

Because a large percentage of Afrikan children attending public schools finished high school unable to read, write or compute adequately…

Because a large percentage of Afrikan children finished school with no positive concept of themselves...

Because a large percentage of Afrikan children finished school with no sense of productive values…

Because a large percentage of Afrikan children finished school without the encouragement to further develop to their fullest potential…

UJAMAA SCHOOL was founded to provide an educational institution that would ensure Afrikan children the development of a strong positive self-image, a sense of values, and the achievement of academic excellence.  UJAMAA’s program provides for positive approaches to meeting life’s challenges. It is our purpose to continue to develop the total being, to help each child reach his or her ultimate goals and develop to their highest potential.


UJAMAA SCHOOL is the oldest independent Afrikan school in the United States. Together, we can provide a strong foundation for your child's future. 

Our program includes:


  • Afrikan Culture and History
  • Advanced Mathematics & Science
  • Afrikan Drum & Dance
  • Computers
  • Manhood & Womanhood Training Workshops
  • Annual Science Fair
  • Small Class Size
  • Family Oriented Environment
We build character, independence, and encourage positive approaches to meeting life's challenges. Our goal is to facilitate the highest potential within each child.


When you recognize your child's capabilities, their academic success has no limit.
Because we teach children as early as 2, your child can be reading and writing by
age 4.


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