12/25 Whitewashed Unmasking the World of Whiteness

1/22 Dr. Bobby Wright- Psychopathic Racial Personality

1/29 Death of a Dark Nation : The Effects of White Supremacy Afrika Then –Afrika Now

2/5 Bruce Willis Presentation of the Adinkra Dictionary

2/12 The Deliberate Mis-Education of Afrikan Children – Dr. Adelaide Sanford

2/19 The Golden Stool- The Soul of the Asantes

2/26 Black Ethnic Notions – History of Black stereotypes

3/4 Adam Clayton Powell, MLK Jr., Malcolm X : Speaks on the Negro

3/11 Robert F. Williams & The Roots of Black Power

3/18 Freedom of Death- Dr. Khalid Muhammad

3/25 No Holds Barred – Dr. Khalid Muhammad

4/1 Denmark Vessey Largest Slave Rebellion in America

4/8 A Passion for Justice – Ida B. Wells

4/15 Fannie Lou Hammer- I’m Tired of Being Sick and Tired

4/22 The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow

4/29 Slave Ship Mutiny – Secrets of the Dead

5/6 Deacons for Defense – Based on a True Story

5/13 “The Cotton Pickin’ Truth” Blacks Still on the Plantation

5/23 – 5/29 SCHOOL CLOSED – Spring Break

6/3 The 7 Deadly Public School Sins Dr. Umar Johnson

6/10 White Killer Cop and Negro Sellouts Dr. Khalid Muhammad

6/17 The Afrikan World in Transition Dr. Henrick Clarke

6/24 ‘OSUN Her Worship, Her Powers Iyalosa Osuntoki Mojisola

Each Friday night starting at 7:00PM a historical, cultural and informative film will be shown and a discussion will immediately follow wherein we can identify and share strategies on how to build, strengthen and liberate ourselves as Afrikan people. Food and DVDs will be available for purchase. All proceeds will asssist Ujamaa

School's fundraising efforts. If you would like to make a donation to Ujamaa School please send checks to 1554 8th st. NW 20001 or you may donate to Thank you for your support!

Film Schedule Will Also Be Announced On Our Email And Facebook Page